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Painter, Sculptor, Puppeteer

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Ralph Chessé was the patriarch of a large creative family. He was a Renaissance man in the grandest sense with diverse interests in the arts: theater, sculpture and painting. His artwork spanned almost the entire 20th century. Before 1950 Chessé painted African American figures in scenes recalling his boyhood in New Orleans, in socially realist depictions of dock workers, and in religious themed motifs derived from the Bible. In 1953, the success of his television program "Brother Buzz", the longest sustaining children's program in SF's television history (1953-1969) brought him a financial independence he had not ever had in his lifetime. It afforded him an opportunity to travel to Europe in 1956 where he could revel in the culture of Europe and see for the first time, in person, the Paris of the impressionists which so greatly influenced him as a young man. It changed his style of painting and brought him back to the easel, from which he had retreated late in the 40's. From that point on he painted nonstop until he was 91 leaving behind a large legacy of art.

First major retrospective

Art Of Ralph Chessé, 1900-1991
Georgia Museum of Art
July 11–October 4, 2015

The estate is represented by:

Spencer Jon Helfin Fine Arts
Paintings & Sculptures

M. Lee Stone Fine Prints Inc
Works of Art on Paper

Ralph Chessé with Masks 1928


Bruce Chessé is an internationaly known puppeteer and a pioneer in the area of Puppetry in Education. His brother Dion and he were major figures in the San Francisco little theater scene in the 50's 60's and 70's where they also created venues for their father to perform.

More about Bruce Chessé coming soon.

Oregon Puppet Theater
Puppet Concepts Publishing

Ralph Chessé's painting to the left
shows his son Bruce and his daughter Renée.

Bruce & Renée

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